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Getting Started Is Easy

Getting Started Is Easy

How do you know  when your Worker's Comp., Liability, and Auto policies expire? Your company's cell phone contract, or how much time is left on your postage meter agreement? Who is tracking your security monitoring agreement, the long distance and internet contracts, or when written notice needs to be sent in for the copier leases so they do not automatically renew for another year? When do your vehicles registrations need to be renewed and do you know when your anti-virus expires on all your computers company-wide? If you had to find your building lease or the maintenance agreement for your printers, would they be uploaded and available for you to easily locate within seconds?

How many  contracts and leases continue to automatically renew every year and go up in price?

What if  you had a cloud based resource you could go to that would allow you to easily track all of these things? Upload and assign documents to specific action items you can access anywhere you have an internet connection. A place where you can set reminder dates that will synch with your calendar and you will receive system generated email reminders for each item. A Business Management System where you can enter notes that summarize important facts to remember. What if you could export your entire database to excel where you can utilize that data for budget forecasting and action item delegation.

What if  you could consistently take a pro-active approach to critical action dates and expiring supplier contracts?

With RenewAlert"s cloud based Business Management System, your business can enjoy all of these features. Sign up today and receive your first 30 days free.